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X-PLUS® Testimonials

"I love this thing! I get 42 channels in crisp high definition, and there is no disruption with wind or rain. Sometimes I forget I am not watching cable."
Brent, Chula Vista

"I have a second-floor condo near Qualcomm Stadium and cancelled cable years ago. I tried other antennas, but could not get any TV stations. I now receive 14 stations and it is great having live TV again!"
Lois, Mission Valley

"I screwed the antenna onto the edge of my roof, connected the antenna cable to a splitter under the eave where my old dish antenna had been connected, and boom, 36 high definition channels on every TV in my house (my indoor RCA antenna only got 6 on just one set). Having the 30-day refund guarantee is great, but I am not going to need it."
Able, Spring Valley

"DirectTV solamente ofrecía un canal en Español. Con la antena X-PLUS, recibo mas de quince canales en Español."
Rene, Chula Vista

"We cut the cable TV cord awhile ago but we couldn't count on consistent signals from VHS channels ... after installing this antenna we enjoy crisp clear pictures, even more digital channels to choose from, and no worries about missing the local news on ABC and NBC in San Diego"
Terrie, Chula Vista

"Even though I live below the rim of a canyon, I get strong, steady signals from 36 digital and 2 analog channels on TV sets in my living room, kitchen and bedroom, all connected to the antenna through existing in-wall cables. There is minimal tuning lag in switching between channels on any set, and the HDTV is fantastic!"
William, Chula Vista

"Recibo 43 canales, y con mas claridad de cable. Ademas ya no hay facturas mensuales de cable... estoy muy contenta"
Celia, Chula Vista

"Getting 17 stations in Carlsbad is pretty good, considering the hills and distance from TV towers. Using an amplifier keeps PBS, FOX and NBC from breaking up."
Wes, Carlsbad

Say Goodbye! to pay TV... and get FREE Home-Wide High Definition TV service for LIFE!  

VBAtech X-PLUS Antenna

Our hand-crafted and patented X-PLUS® outdoor multi-directional UHV/VHF/FM antennas are designed to optimize reception in San Diego's unique TV broadcast environment, and have an ornamental appearance, with no dangerous protrusions, unsightly poles, or need to climb on the roof.

A single outdoor-installed X-PLUS® antenna can stream the full array of locally-broadcast channels to up to 4 TV sets located throughout your home, connecting through the same wires already installed by the cable or satellite company.

The X-PLUS® antenna discreetly installs on houses, mobile homes, apartments and condos, with antenna placement, connection, and code compliance assistance provided by a California-licensed (#E89666) antenna installer.

How do we help you get to FREE TV service for LIFE?

Cord Cutting Assistance Customer Support
Full Price: $59.95 + Tax. Free consultation and 30-day refund guarantee.

The full-service VBAtech cord-cutting experience includes:
  • The X-PLUS® UHF/VHF/FM Antenna with 2-Year Warranty
  • All exterior mounting hardware, including RG-6 coax cable and connectors
  • Up to 2 hours of installation assistance (assumes reuse of interior cable runs)

NOTE: Amplifiers are typically not required, but can cost between $15.00 (distribution amp) and $45.00 (pre-amp).
Testing of signal reception is performed prior to the start of installation. There is no charge if customers decide not to proceed with installation after seeing the results of the signal tests.

After installation, if customers have questions - or decide to return the antenna within the first 30 days - just

Under our 30-day guarantee, we will issue a credit for the full payment (including tax), remove the antenna, and return customer cabling to its pre-installation state.

Follow our blog of cord cutting information and ideas.

Under FCC rules, HOAs and landlords cannot prohibit the installation of this type of antenna in areas where the owner/tenant has exclusive use or control of the property, although landlord consultation during the installation process is standard procedure.

What TV content can be viewed for FREE with an antenna?

In the San Diego, California area (Chula Vista and the South Bay), installations of the VBAtech X-PLUS® Antenna receive signals from over 40 stations, including the following local San Diego broadcasters (plus many from Mexico, and a few from Los Angeles):

UCSD-TV ZLiving Telemundo Univision Azteca IMAGEN GRIT

These stations broadcast regularly-scheduled "live" television content, including local news, weather and sports, national network news, prime time shows, sitcoms, talk shows, daytime dramas, and many classic TV shows and movies.

★ ★ See what your San Diego neighbors are saying about the X-PLUS® antenna! ★ ★

Roku box For cable-like "on demand" content, connect your TV to the internet using an internet streaming device (such as the Roku box shown here, or a "smart" TV). Hundreds of free-content channels are available on these devices, as well as paid-content channels (such as Netflix, HULU, and SLING for live ESPN/TNT sports broadcasts)... unlike cable, you pick and choose the ones you want in your channel list!

Check our blog for updates on local San Diego channel listings, information on recording antenna TV broadcasts, streaming antenna TV broadcasts to mobile devices, and more!

To Contact Us:  support@vbatech.com
CA Lic# E89666

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